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Our firm handles all aspects of real estate construction and development. From the initial analysis before purchase through obtaining the certificate of occupancy. Our team specializes in the initial asset analysis, acquisition negotiation, design coordination, cost engineering, time management, contract administration, city coordination, contractor management, material estimation, interior design, and construction management.

The success of any real estate project regardless of size is dependent upon proper management and experience within construction. As first hand multi-generational real estate developers, our team has attained first hand experience in optimizing the value of a property through careful acquisition and project management execution. Our firms number one priority is to protect our clients and manage all client projects tightly and efficiently to ensure projects always come in within budget and timelines to produce the maximum profit.

Our team handles the management of all new construction projects and remodels regardless of size or type. Through our large network of contacts – we do our best to maximize client profit through superior project management and ensuring completion within budget and timeline.

Our team works directly with the owners and design team of a project to bring our clients dreams into reality. From the exterior design for both residential and commercial projects through the smallest details that go into the interior space – we do our best to compliment the project and maximize the properties potential.

Our team has extensive experience in the initial asset analysis and acquisition negotiation phase of real estate development. We handle negotiations for the purchase of raw land, rti packages, and remodels. We have the experience to help structure deals to allow all parties to leave the table happy while ensuring we obtain a great deal for our clients.

Our team works directly with the owners and design team of a project to ensure proper cost engineering and design takes place to avoid unnecessary build costs and maximize client profit.


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